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2014 FORMS




Lothian's Branch was founded in 1991 and has grown steadily, Pleasure riders to Gold, Platinum and Diamond Thistle Riders. The Branch area extends from Edinburgh and the Forth south to the Borders (where it overlaps to some degree with Border Branch), and from the east coast westwards to Lanark. This is tremendously varied terrain, ranging from the flat farmlands of East Lothian to the steep hills of the border country, and provides excellent training for both riders and horses. We are lucky too in having several large forested areas, which are rideable almost 365 days in the year.


In 2014 we are planning to hold around 9 rides (please see the diary page for full details).  All rides will have a Pleasure class, open to members and non-members, and the rides from April to October all have competitive classes. You don't need to be a member of SERC to do pleasure rides, but members entry fees are cheaper, so if you plan to do more than one or two a year, it makes sense to join. For more information about the rides SERC run and how to join see their website.


This should help working out your times much easier!


If you would like to join the Lothian's branch, please visit the Clubhouse website:  for more details.